Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday 5th August Meeting- Gifford Gallery, Mt Eden  

'Playing with the Tools of our Trade'

- Margaret Woollett -


Experimenting and experiencing the 'tools' will be the the focus of the evening. Using the nibs and tools of our 'kit' we will have an evening of experimentation.

I will demonstrate using some of the main tools I use in producing my art and work, but this will be an evening of your own journey as you learn to experiment and experience using your tools in new ways

Come prepared with paper of different weights, surfaces, colour, paints, inks, brushes, etc, and an apron, as we will be using paint and ink to play and get a hands on 'feel' for some these tools. Come prepared to let old ideas grow and develop into something 'more'!

This will be an evening of learning new ways of using standard tools, looking at some tricks which assist us in our making of 'good lettering', learning and  'seeing' what others do with these same tools.

 It will be a fun evening of learning as we 'play'.

Tuesday 5th August Meeting - 6.30pm - 9pm, Gifford Gallery, Mt Eden  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Many members of our group belong to the Association of Book Crafts and there is an international conference being held here in New Zealand. For more information :-
Visit website: www.abc-nz.org
Programme, presenters and registration details
Follow blog: http://abc-nz-2014.blogspot.co.nz
Like Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NewZealandABC
For tweets: #abc2014nz
Email: abc2014nz@gmail.com

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Calligraphy Classes
Beginners and Continuing
Parnell Community Centre

Jan Leonard is tutoring a 6 week Calligraphy course to held at the Parnell Community Centre,  545 Parnell Road, Parnell 1151. Phone (09) 5555164. It is for beginners and those wishing to build on previous skills

Term III starts on 14th August, a Thursday 7pm - 9pm
Term IV starts on 6th November, a Thursday 7pm - 9 pm.

Cost: $110 plus $18 materials charge
Contact for bookings or more information.
Rayna Terziyska
Phone (09) 555 5164
Fax (09) 379 2901

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Glenn Grishkoff

Brush Maker Extraordinaire

California-based Glenn grew up watching his Chinese-born Russian father grind his own ink and brush iconic glyphs from his childhood onto rice paper. This and his own experience in Asia taught Grishkoff the power of a brushstroke and the spirit of natural materials. The sculptural objects and performances he creates with clay, paper, wood, metal, textiles and hair, reference his own story and the materials he uses.
In his work, one sees a reflection of human experience as the artist pays homage to the animal spirit instilled within the physical world.  He is interested in the brush as art and function. More information  here 

"Rock", coil-built porcelain, garnet sand; raku fired, cone 06; horse mane hair; 10"x15.5"x12",
He conducts hands on brush making workshops and is currently booking future workshop presentations. He is constructing a second website that will feature, his functional brushes, paintings, student work, collaboratives and all workshop information for people wanting to host workshops and people taking his workshops. The brushes he teaches how to make in his workshops work with all visual art areas and appeal to a diverse crowd. 
"Ink Well", porcelain sculpted with elbow and hand impressions; 
high salt fired, cone 10, powdered glass; brush handle, course garnet dust, deer tail hair; 10"x 7" x 3.5", 2008
I wrote to Glenn and he kindly gave his permission to use the images and information on his site. If the contents of this post interested you - there is a lot more available and I recommend visiting Glenn's website http://www.glenngrishkoff.com/ 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Calligraphy for Beginners

Regretfully this class has been cancelled  because of unforeseen circumstances.

Course: Warkworth Weekend Course on Foundational Hand
Date: 23rd - 24th August, 2014 

 Time: Saturday 9.30-3.30pm 
              & Sunday 9.30-12.30pm

 Cost: $50 (KAC Members $45)

Venue: KAC Rooms, Warkworth Showgrounds, 
State Highway 1

Cost: $50 (KAC Members $45)

Bookings: $25 deposit with bookings

Contact: Hilary Lewis - phone 09 425 7042 email  hilary@arcon.co.nz

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Report from July's monthly meeting
If you needed to know what the phrase 'bring your usual calligraphy gear' means  - last night was the night to come to our meeting.
Despite the awful weather outside we were spell bound by Margaret who had set up a wonderful display of tools and materials available to modern day calligraphers, combine that with her years of experience meant that our questions were answered with anecdotal comment, hints and tips. An excellent back to basics discussion and I am sure that everyone of us learnt something.  
A suitcase to help keep the gold, foils, metals etc secure and uncontaminated. The pros and cons of quills, even how to make a reservoir to slide up a shaft. Beautiful boxes of nib stock, so there is no excuse not to play. 
One of the most important things is to experiment and play with tools, pigments and paper. Margaret impressed upon us to do this and to keep our efforts as a record for comparisons. Some materials are better than others for a particular effect. Margaret shared several of her books, some containing a whole variety of different papers, some with stubby leaves to which she had then added larger trials and tests as they were completed. After the talk we were able to examine and discuss the various equipment and have a cup of tea. Margaret is starting a calligraphy course very soon, click here for details for more information.